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07 March 2005

Environment and the Military from the Left Coast

Continuing on the environment vs. the military theme, I found another article about the impact of environmental regulations on the military. EE Publishing wrote had a series in 2003 titled Military Readiness and the Environment. The lead article describes the situation at Camp Pendleton, a favorite of mine when talking about the impact of the military on the environment. The writing seems pretty balanced and gives a good scientific overview of the species impacted, but the real issue is why is Pendleton so important? Could it be that since everything south of the base is now San Diego sprawl and everything north is Orange County sprawl, the only open land left is MCB. As they say:
The military has referred to the area as an "island of biodiversity," as suburban growth from metropolitan Los Angeles and San Diego push housing developments closer to the base's fence line. By 2020, an additional 1 million residents will live in the area, according to military estimates, leaving even less open space for training or for wildlife.

So, while environmentalists and politicians argue about whether Amtracs can land on the beach, or whether grunts can dig fighting holes, everybody else goes about their business building beach homes and golf courses. And the gnatcatchers live their lives on top of Mt. M----f---er, with nary a care in the world as 3/4 goes through the hard training needed to get them through another deployment to Iraq.


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