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01 March 2005

Getting things done the Marine Corps Way

Another good article and recognition for one Marine sniper in Iraq. The Marine Times has the story of a recent foot patrol supported by Staff Sgt. Steve Reichert, scout-sniper with 2/2 in Lutafiyah, Iraq a small town in the Sunni triangle. While defense contractors and the transformation hangers-on tend to talk about RF jammers and foliage penetrating radar, this is a good story about how superior tactics, basic communications, and the force multiplier of a sniper team overwatch helps win our generations war. As SSGT Reichert tells it:

As the patrol moved toward the town, Reichert observed a dead animal located in the patrol’s path. It was then that he recalled his training in enemy tactics, techniques and procedures for improvised explosive devices and made radio contact to redirect the patrol. The patrol leader radioed back to Reichert and confirmed his suspicion that two wires were leading out of the dog carcass.

While this story (both the tactics and the bravery that resulted in a Bronze Star with V) are told weekly in Iraq, they rarely get told outside of the military press and in some corners of the CSM and other papers.

The tactics are what interest me the most, since am unsurprised at the kind of sacrifice you can see today in Iraq. Innovative, aggressive, and changing tactics are what will win against Al Qaida and the other terrorists out there and we're seeing them used more and more. This also dovetails with some of the tactics the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab is working on like Distributed Operations (I'll be putting together a post and links on DO soon). While not the only thing happening as a result of our collision with 4th Generation Warfare, it does show that the Army and Marines are learning organizations that remain the best way to deal with our war and justify some of the recent cuts big ticket items are facing in DODs budget.

Plus there is this, which is also moving things forward. Just happened to happen after Syria comes under serious pressure in Lebanon. Hmmm.


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