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01 March 2005

Helo Hero

Lots of missing news about all the deserved medals being given out for some really top people in the Terror War West (Iraq). Luckily Marine Times prints a lot of these and you can go on-line and read about this phrog bubba with a DFC (Marine air wing pukes use such crappy slang). Anyway, nothing like seeing a CH-46 come in for a beautiful medevac in the middle of a combat zone. From the article:

“Landing under enemy fire, he loaded casualties while the lead aircraft provided
suppressive fires,” his award citation reads. “He departed the zone while
returning fire and conducting evasive maneuvering en route. He made four
repeated trips in order to ensure the evacuation of all wounded personnel.”


“We were simply doing our job,” he told those gathered at the award ceremony. “We were at the right place and the right time, saving Marines. That is the true reward for me.”

What a badass. During the invasion in 2003, there was some great video on Fox News with Oliver North where the 46's were landing right in the middle of a firefight in Baghdad to drop off much needed ammo for some grunts. This may have been Capt. Espinoza's bird.

During my winter vacation to Kuwait in 1991 we were told that no helo medevacs would happen in the first 24 hours, so if we got popped or blown up, we'd have to be loaded on a HMMWV for a trip back through the double minefield belt. Glad to see the Marine Corps and the helo squadrons are taking this seriously and risking their balls for the grunts on the ground.

Semper Fi.


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