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08 March 2005

The Story of Two Marines

You may have seen earlier stories about the Company 1st Sgt with Kilo 3/1 who was wounded severely while fighting house-to-house in Fallujah. I've said before on this blog and to my friends, that I am continually surprised how few heroic stories are reported about our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. You typically have to go to blogs (conservative ones at that-you won't read about them on troop-supporting lefty blogs) to read these stories or to the .mil web sites.

I'll now have to take that back a little since NPR did a great radio story on March 8th, about
1stSgt Brad Kasal and the Marine he saved. While it is wrapped up in a story about the two Marines ongoing rehabilitation at Bethesda Naval Hospital, they didn't skimp on the self-sacrifice and hard charging nature of Top Kasal. For those who understand how and Infantry Company works, it is even more amazing to me, since a Company Top will typically be in the rear in charge of admin matters for the Company.

Proving that a picture is worth a thousand words, I think the shot of Top Kasal being helped out the door of the house he was wounded in says it all. Still alive (with six or seven gun shot wounds, grenade blast wounds, etc.) and still carrying his sidearm with a straight trigger finger. Semper Fi, Marine.


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