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11 March 2005

Update: Iwo Jima

Happily, there's a ton more stuff that has turned up to honor the Iwo Jima 60th anniversary. Shortly after my post on the subject I noticed Clint Eastwood was in town at the Marine Memorial Club on Sutter Street to meet with some Iwo vets who were there. Mr. Eastwood is planning on a movie version of Flags of our Fathers, the James Bradley book about the Marines and Sailors who raised the flag over Suribachi. I've never read Bradley's book, but did read an op-ed he had one time and found it kind of off-base. It may be a great book, but he has sort of set himself up as a spokesman what he was never part of (the military, WWII, etc.), like Brokaw and Speilburgh have done. More power to them to tell other's stories, but leave the pontificating on it to the people who have been there. At least Mr. Eastwood is an Army vet.

Also, over at Marine Times, a great collection of
articles, pictures, and remembrances of Iwo Jima and the impact it had on the men and the war. As Philip Thompson says at the start, "It’s OK to say 60 years later: Iwo Jima was it. There’s never been anything like it. Hopefully, there never will be again". Amen.

The IHT (reprinted from the NYT, I see) also has a good, but short, remembrance article about veterans from both sides that showed up on Iwo for the 60th anniversary. Also, the second article in the series on the Marine Corps web site is up now.

Semper Fidelis to the fallen and the survivors.


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