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11 April 2005

Nukes for all those Big Screen TVs

Glenn Reynolds has a good commentary up on MSNBC on why some environmentalists may be (my words, I am a doubter) moving towards supporting new nuke plants. He has a good link to an article on advanced nuclear power generation from Wired magazine as well as interesting commentary from "Stewart Brand of Whole Earth Catalog fame." I guess these are the attitudes that have to change if we are going to get more plants built in the US.

Me, I'm a global warming skeptic (in the sense that there is nothing Kyoto will do about it and there is a good case that the current increase is historical), but if it gets the wild-eyed types to support a technology that is much better than it was 30 years ago and much more economical, I'm for it. For a good view of why nukes are a good interim choice until the utopian hydrogen economy comes along, go see the Life Cycle Emissions For Electricity Generation on NEI's web site along with some good data on CO2 emissions.

Except for wind, it is hard to beat nukes, and John Kerry, among others, will not stand for windmills in his backyard!

Update: Tim Blair picks up where the Instapundit leaves off, doing his usual smashing job of skewering Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil (Aussie ALP star and perennial Blair pinata), while also showing the New York Times is having more favourable thoughts about Nukes (or at least Nicholas Kristof is).


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