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26 May 2005

But it's a Green Gulag!

Amnesty International, always ready to criticize the US on human rights, seems to think it is a good idea to compare Guantanamo with the Soviet Gulags by using this cute quote, "the gulag of our time" in their recent report. While we should hold ourselves to higher standards than the headchoppers are, lets get real for a minute. Along with the ICRC, AI seems to have dumbed-down our standards for horror, forgeting that real gulags were filled with dissidents and undesirables defined by the state and sent to almost certain death in Siberian Labor camps, not terrorists captured on a battlefield.

Instead, the Al-Queda and Taliban dirtbags live a life that is physically more healthy than what they lived in in Afghanistan. The lastest over-hyped news about Quran desecration amounts to about as much abuse as what AI hypes. These are terrorists we are talking about. Are their innocents, yes; and they are being released. Go read the funny stories about how well Gitmo prisoners are treated before you buy the line that this is a gulag.

And, you'd think AI and the rest of the leftists who like to pile on would at least be happy that our terrorist prisoners are not contributing to Global Warming, surely one of the worst crimes committed by the US. Hell, even
John Kerry can't claim his mansion on Martha's Vineyard is not contributing to global warming, since he doesn't seem to want a wind farm nearby. With that, I bring you the Green Gulag:


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