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15 July 2005

SF wins the military hate award

The fair city I live in once again proves it was a good idea to close all the military bases here. First, the ubiquitous "activists" (maybe the ones who gave a cop a concussion the other day in the Mission) have decided we need a ballot measure to ban recruiters from school campuses.

And, to the surprise of non other than Diane Feinstein, our less batty Senator, the local Sups decided to reject bringing the USS Iowa here to serve as a
museum (hopefully it would remind the "peace loving" locals of the sacrifices that keep them free to be idiots). The big issue was seems to be not wanting to honor a military that "harassed and even killed" gays. I guess they forgot what the Taliban did to gays.

Of course in a town where the high school drop out rate is over 10% (and studies show it is 50% statewide for Blacks and Latinos), activists can seriously spout sayings like "college not combat" while doing nothing to keep kids in school, improve education, etc. It's just another line in the ridiculous focus of the far left fanatics who hold sway over this city. It's also in line with what Michelle Malkin said about the NEA convention resolutions:
Shut Up and Teach, already, and leave the stupid Iraq resolutions to the nutjobs. But I forgot, NEA is dominated by them.

Nothing like living in a place so focused on issues they have no understanding of while doing nothing about the problems they can and should solve. Dickheads.


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